Nagaland Tour Package

Nagaland Tour Package

 Nagaland is the state located in north east part of india.Nagaland is the 16th state of the Indian Union.Nagaland is a largely mountaneous state . There are lot of famous places in Nagaland.

Mount Saramati

Mount Saramati is the highest peak in Nagaland with a height of 3,840 metres and its range forms a natural barrier between Nagaland and Burma. It lies between the parallels of 98 degree and 96 degree East Longitude and 26.6 degree and 27.4 degree latitude North of the Equator.


Kohima  is a district of Nagaland state in India. It is the home of the Angami Naga tribe.It is the second most populous district of Nagaland after Dimapur.Kohima has a pleasant and moderate climate

Naga hills

The height of naga hills are 3825 metres lie on the border of India and Burma . These hills are part of a complex mountain system, and the parts of the mountain ranges inside the Indian state of Nagaland .. The Naga Hills are part of the Arakan Range which to the north rise to 12,552 feet.

 Touphema Tourist Village

Touphema Tourist Village is situated on a gentle hillock  at a distance of 41 km north of Nagaland capital Kohima.Touphema Tourist Village offers the tradition of Naga People.The resort offer all the modern comforts with an ethnic setting. The interiors of the resort provides fascinating insight into the history, tradition and ancient myths of the Naga people.

Dzükou Valley

Dzukou Valley is situated  at an altitude of 2438.4 metres above sea-level, behind the Japfu Peak which is 30 Km to the south of Kohima. The entire valley is overshadowed with a type of tough bamboo brush to make the place appear like a mown lawn.The valley is surrounded by hills, natural caves & rocks and is thus, ideal for camping.  

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