Punjab Tour Package

Punjab Tour Package


Punjab is located in the north west of india,it is one of the smallest and the most prosperous states of india.The five river Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab and Jhelum gave it its name 'punj-ab' or the 'land of five waters'.These five rivers divide the state into three refions: Majha, Doaba and Malwa.Punjab is primarily an agricultural state and enjoys the natural benefits of fertile soils and abundant wates.It is one of the most ancient place in the world with a distinguished culture.





The cit of amritsar is the religious and holiest place of the state of punjab.There are lot of religious temples and historical monuments in Amritsar.The Golden Temple, the holiest temple in the religion of Sikhism, is one of the major attractions in the state and the country of India.The temple has golden plates covering its entire surface, giving it the name.Amritsar is the famous tourist destination.




Chandigarh is the joint capital of Punjab and neighboring Haryana. The city of Chandigarh is considered to be a union territory by the Government of India. Chandigarh is one of the few planned cities in India and was designed by Lutyen, the same man who designed the country's capital, New Delhi. The city is divided into various sectors, making navigation very easy. The city provides for a smooth stop over point from New Delhi to the interiors of Punjab. Bus, train and roads are the easy way to travel around in the state of Punjab.




Bathinda District is situated in the Southern part of Punjab State in the heart of Malwa region. The district is surrounded with Sirsa and Fatehabad of Haryana State in the south, Sangrur and Mansa district in the East, Moga in the North-east and Faridkot & Muktsar in the North-west.There are lot of interested places in bathinda .




The District derives its name from the headquarters town of Faridkot founded by Mokalsi, grandson of Raja Manj, who ruled this territory during the 13 th century and built a fort here.The name of the place was changed to Faridkot after Baba Farid.It remained the capital during the reign of Mokalsi's son Jairsi and Wairsi. Raj Mahal ,Quila Mubarak ,Darbar Ganj are the main attraction of the city faridkot.



Gurdaspur is a district situated in the city of punjab. Gurdaspur is the district headquarters. It borders Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir, the Punjab districts of Amritsar and Hoshiarpur, and the state of Himachal Pradesh. Rivers Beas and Ravi pass through the district.There are lot of places in Gurdaspur like AKBAR,Mahakaleshwar Temple,Barath Sahib and Mukeshwar Temple.




Hoshiarpur is the old town of punjab  .This place is famous for its Vedic Research Institute, Bhrigusamhita system of astrology, manufactures, especially, inlay work and lacquer finish furniture , musical instruments and an archaeological museum.

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Amritsar is a major commercial and cultural centre in the heart of Punjab. The city is the spiritual and cultural centre of the Sikh religion and…

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